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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rejuvination - May 2006

Every morning we would venture to some small Tuscan town, and I would paint. Of course, by the time we would reach some of the towns they had closed for their afternoon rest, and nothing except restaurants would be open. This painting titled "Rejuvination" was a small bar with lots of character. A "bar" in Italy is sort of like a deli here, selling sandwiches, snacks, and drinks. We were sitting in the hot sun by an apartment across the street. I love the green shutters against the brick building! They are so typically Italian.


MrsSnowy said...

This is very pretty, Jone. I hadn't seen this on WetCanvas. It's taken me until now to discover your blog! I'll enjoy coming back.

MrsSnowy said...

Jone! Sorry Joan.

Joan said...

I only started this recently, but I've been adding a lot of the paintings I did when I was in Italy last May. Come back any time.