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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Boys

When we were in Germany it was too cold to paint outdoors. So I decided I needed to paint from inside Joe & Kathleen's apartment (my nephew & his wife). These 3 are their "boys"...Cooper, Mouth, and Bear. The dogs were out on the balcony looking through the window of the kitchen door.It is my first dog portrait and is 4 x 6. I gave it to Joe & Kathleen before I left.


Wendy said...

You've captured that 'left out' look that dogs get. Great portrait.

Joan said...

Wendy, Thanks. The little guy was busy most of the time, just jumping straight up and down for attention. The other two just quietly watch whatever is going on.

Robyn said...

Great dogs. Well done. They are so .... doggy.