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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Refreshing Taste

Now for a bit of a change from my ATCs. This was painted on Super Bowl Sunday last week. You can see I was ready for the game. This is 4 x 6 done in watercolor.


Tracy Wandling said...

Excellent idea! I'll have a White Russian while you have your cerveza...anyone else want to join the party?!?
Love the lettering on the bottle.

Ai said...

Wonderful, Joan. I love the lime and of course, a good cold Corona will sure drives the party smoothly forward. ;-)

Holly Lombardo said...

ahh..the thoughts of summer already! Great composition!

Ron Morrison said...

Common objects make fabulous subjects.

Jo Castillo said...

This looks so refreshing and I don't do beer! Nice work. The limes look so fine.

Joan said...

Tracy - Thanks. Let's get this party started!!

Ai - Thanks. It was fun to paint but the lettering on the bottle was a challenge. It was that fancy script.

Holly - We could be sitting and having cocktails overlooking the marshes in Maine. Thanks.

Ron - You are right. Common objects do make good subjects. Sometimes it is hard not to drink them while you're painting. LOL

Jo - Thank you. I like painting the insides of fruit...lots of hidden color.

Wendy said...

This is lovely. You have got working small down to a fine art. I'm used to painting big canvases and still not quite used to my small sketchbook.

Robyn said...

I'd never have pictured you with a bottle of Corona with a slice of lime, Joan - but I do applaud your taste! Lovely work on that lime.