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Monday, June 16, 2008

Empty Chair

This is about 6 x 6 and was done while I was at the beach last week. There is always something to capture there!


Lin said...

So INVITING Joan -- and on yet another 85+ day, I wish I were sitting in that chair!!! GRAND job -- and I applaud you for doing this in all the distractions beaches can bring!!!

Michelle Himes said...

I wish I were sitting there too. Like I said on WC!, I like that shadow and the sand burying the legs of the chair. So perfect!

"JeanneG" said...

Well you shouldn't run out of subjects if you do chairs. Was that one from someone sitting in your way? I can just see you sitting there painting and someone walking by and sand getting on your paint.

Joan said...

Lin - Thanks. I was doing this as a scavenger hunt sketch and kept going with it.

Mickey - We'll have to make sure you get to do lots of beach paintings when you come to visit. Thanks.

Jeanne - This was my beach chair. I think I was doing it for the hunt when we had to do a view from our favorite chair. I just sat on a towel with the chair in front of me. Usually I'm actually in the chair so I don't have to worry about sand in my paint.

Holly Lombardo said...

great composition and and I CAN"T WAIT To get the beach- I'm jealous you've already been! Can't wait to see what else you paint! Have a great one!

Ai said...

This is so wonderful Joan. You capture the airy relaxed beach atmosphere very well.