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Monday, June 30, 2008


I did this 4 x 6 while sitting on the beach last week. I love sketching the children there as long as they can stay still long enough.


Lin said...

OH HOW SWEET!!! I just love those rear views of children -- they look even more vulnerable then they are!! You really captured this wee tyke beautifully!!!!!! And I have to say how I envy you your beach time!!!! Keep up the grand work, Joan!

Joan said...

Lin, You're so sweet. I love seeing the little kids and how they act at the beach. I make sure I plop myself down by a blanket with kids.

Helen Percy Lystra said...

I agree... love how you captured the little tyke and I too envy you your beach time.

Joan said...

Helen - Thanks. I get to the beach as often as possible.

Ai said...

Joan, you did an awesome job of the kid. I have a young daughter too. I think you nail the little kid body ratio perfectly. It must be quite a challenge to sketch him.