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Friday, September 11, 2009

Beach Fences V

This is another of my beach plein airs. I had fun with the sky in this one. 4 x 6


Lin said...

I love this series, JOan, and thank you for showing by example how you can really have 'new' paintings from the same subject -- and yet each one so varied and beautiful! LOVE the SERIES of them!

Joan said...

Lin - The beach dunes and fences look so different if you just walk a foot or two down the beach. I love looking at them and enjoy capturing them so often. Thanks so much.

Desiree said...

Beautiful as always, you just keep getting better. I have missed your blog lately, so busy, but I am back!

Helen Percy Lystra said...

I really like this series Joan. It could be here on Lake Michigan but more than that, your varied views of the same subject... wonderful.

Joan said...

Desiree - Thanks! I can understand about being busy. Glad you are back.

Helen - Thanks so much. The beach grasses and fences fascinate me and I can paint a new version every day.

Carolyn said...

I like your beach pictures.