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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Stone Bridge

This painting is 7 x 10 and was done in Hecksher Park. I loved the stone bridge to the little island in the middle of the lake. I plan to go back and do another view of the park.


"JeanneG" said...

I really like this one. I am sure it is a wonderful place to sit and paint. And you can probably get it from different angles.

You chould print out some of the animal references from that Scavenger hunters pet thread. Some really good pet pictures to practice on. You could always upload a picture of a stuffed animal (if you have one) and list that as your pet. Others on there are listing past pets and even relative's pets.

One good thing about picture refs, you can take them to the beach with you.

When I worked full time, I drew the photos of my coworker's, kids, grandkids, and pets so got lots of practice.

Joan said...

This is a beautiful park and I haven't even checked the view from the other side of the pond yet.

I should try a few animals or pets. I never do them. I do sit and try to sketch people when I'm at the beach. It usually works well until they get up.

Robyn said...

This is lovely, Joan. I think it would have even more depth if you were to darken the area behind the stone bridge. Definitely worth going back for!

Robyn said...

And I meant to say the foreground grasses are very good.

Joan said...

Robyn, Thanks for the suggestion about darkening the area behind the bridge. It's a good place to paint, and not too far to go.