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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Symphony of Color

This was done for the WetCanvas postcard exchange. It is 4 x 6. I used a photo I had taken in Laguna Beach, California as the reference. These flowers were very unusual and were red. I like their silhouettes against the sky.


Lin said...

LOVELY, Joan!! I love your deep rich sky especially!

Joan said...

Lin - These were so much fun to do with the vibrant skies. I enjoyed doing them. Thanks.

Wendy said...

Joan I have been slack about blogging because nose to the grindstone finishing things for exhibition. These last two of yours both do just GLOW. You are so good with landscape.
You asked about the credit card papers and finally I reply. They are acrylics. You need ones about the consistency of the Jo Sonja ones. I used Matisse which are available from Jerry's, but any acrylics that are relatively fluid will do. Mind you it would be interesting to try the credit card papers with watercolour but you'd want to work very very small or it would be soooo expensive.

Joan said...

Wendy - Thanks so much for your comment. I've had so much fun doing the sunrises and sunsets. They made being indoors tolerable thru the winter. LOL Thanks for the info on the credit card papers. They looked so interesting.

Ai said...

Those plants and flowers are really uniques and to see them on your beautiful sky... it just said perfect California.