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Monday, June 8, 2009

"Ocean's Edge" and "Lifeguard"

Both of these were done at the beach yesterday and are 4 x 6. I try to keep postcards and a few sketching and painting materials in my beachbag so I can paint what I see.


Jo Castillo said...

These are pretty nifty, Joan.

Lin said...

FABULOUS -- and do you see how green with envy I am!! Imagine -- the BEACH!!! I have to tell you, hon I haven't been on the beach in years and years!! SIGH! Thank goodness you paint them and let me enjoy them vicariously!

Art Fan Ako said...

Love the wave! You know how to watercolor and bring simple imagery to life.

Michelle Himes said...

Great job on the foamy surf!

Joan said...

Jo - Thanks. I love painting at the beach...especially those nice lifeguard bodies.

Lin - Glad I can help you. Thanks so much.

Ako - Thank you so much for stopping and commenting.

Mickey - Thanks. I'm getting warmed up!