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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sunken Meadow Park

This is 7 x 10 done in ink & watercolor on one of the few dry days we had this week. It was done at Sunken Meadow Park here on Long Island, which I never visited before. I had seen it shown on a PBS special and it looked interesting. It was a hike from the parking area to the marsh, and I carried all my supplies only to find a nice bench to sit on when I got there. I could have left my chair and stool behind! I'll remember that the next time I go.


Fernando Pena said...

Well done Joan, a fresh watercolor

Lin said...

HOW GLORIOUS, JOAN! I LOVE seeing Long Island thru your watercolors! I haven't been to Sunken Meadows in years and years -- and here you present the finest, most beautiful and fresh painting! BRAVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And thank you!

Joan said...

Fernando - Thank you so much for your comments and for visiting!

Lin - Thanks so much. There are still so many places on LI that I haven't seen, and I've lived here for my entire life.

"JeanneG" said...

I really like the rocks in this one.