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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Henry's Louisiana Grill

I started this painting in plein air when I was down in Georgia a few weeks ago. I had to finish it at home. It was just too sunny and warm to do the large coke sign and the window without hard edges and streaks in the middle of what I was doing. That's one of the drawbacks about plein air painting. This is 7 x 10.


Beth Parker said...

Oh my gosh, Joan! I love this!!! It made me gasp with joy as soon as it popped up on my monitor. I am going to try to do more plein air (in all that free time I don't have - ha ha ha). This is a great inspiration to get outside and paint! Thanks, Joan!

Lin said...

SO BEAUTIFULLY DONE!! I agree completely about plein air -- there is such a RUSH with everything drying so fast -- glad you finished it at home -- it's terrific!

AutumnLeaves said...

How amazing! The depth you've achieved with the Coca Cola sign continuing behind the glass of the front building is fabulous!

Joan said...

Beth - Thanks! I really enjoy doing plein air painting.

Lin - Thank you. This one was a problem. The sun was making that red Coke sign dry as fast as I was painting it. Finally I just let it go until I could do it at home.

Sherry - Many thanks. I took other photos of this spot and would like to try another one.