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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I almost forgot to post this. It was done at the SBAA sketch meeting with a live model last week. This is 5 x 7. Please come visit Angelina in Venice at http://angelinaslifeinvenice.blogspot.com


Ai said...

You do wc portrait so well. It is great that you can find the real model to sit for you. Keep it rolling.

AutumnLeaves said...

So well done, Joan! He is a handsome gentleman.

Teressa Thompson said...

seriously? I mean really? Is there anything you can't paint? I think I know that guy... and I promise that face recognition software would pick him up! LOL


Lin said...

BEAUTIFULLY done, JOan!! I agree -- you do portraits beautifully -- tender and wonderful!

Joan said...

Ai - It is fun to work from the model. Thanks.

Sherry - Thanks!!

Tee - Thank you. I made him look about 20 years younger than he actually is. lol

Lin - Thanks! I'll have to keep doing them from photos. As soon as it is nice enough (hopefully next week) plein air will start again.