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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Was Tagged

Jeannne Grant from WetCanvas has "tagged" me. That means I have to reveal 7 things about myself that people don't know. Then I have to "tag" 7 other people by posting their blogs and pointing them back to my blog for instructions. Here are a few facts about me.

1. I met my husband in 1973, but we didn't get married until 1997. We dated for several years, broke up for a long while, but got back in touch with each other. (True love.)

2. My husband and I had 3 wedding ceremonies before our wedding was legal. One ceremony was at my mother's bedside in a nursing home 2 days before she died, the second was in front of family right after my mother's funeral, and the last was 3 months later after the State of Maine notified us that we weren't legally married because we got our license in one town, but were married in another town. Since the marriage license was still valid, we went back to Maine and were married in my sister's living room.

3. I'm a middle child, and rather well-adjusted I might say.

4. I'm a former NYC teacher and retired after 32 years.

5. I hate liver and lima beans.

6. My first job ever was as an assistant to a dentist. I held people's hands and sucked gunk out of their mouths while he drilled.

7. I "saw" Santa one Christmas eve when he came to our house. I was home with my grandmother while my parents were at midnight mass. Santa spoke to me, and even though I wasn't in bed he left me toys.

It will be a stretch to find 7 people with blogs who haven't been tagged yet.
I have tagged the following people:
Michelle Himes
Holly LL
Nancy Ann


Robyn said...

Joan - At least you're sure you're married, after all those ceremonies.

Sounds like Santa was a magical moment too.

Joan said...

The State of Maine actually sent us the marriage license, so I guess this wedding finally took.

Michelle Himes said...

I finally got around to posting my 7 things and tagging 7 more people. They are all really good watercolorists. You can find the links to their blogs on mine.


Jo Castillo said...

Joan, what fun to have a sister that paints and you get together! Lucky you.

Nice blog, I will stop by again.