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Monday, May 19, 2008

Sandy Beach Path

I did this at the beach the other day. It is 7 x 11 and I painted sitting between the dunes to keep out of the wind. I'm always fascinated by the dune foliage and the fences. This particular beach has had such erosion the past two winters. The water is so far up the beach.


Lin said...

FABULOUS, Joan!! I REALLY REALLY LOVE the water -- you've managed to capture it perfectly!!! Super job on the seaoats and fencing too!!! We don't have too many fences these days on our beaches -- they're a really nice addition to the painting!

Ron Morrison said...

I have never seen these wonderful fences in real life, fun to see them in your paintings. Nice light touch!

Helen Percy Lystra said...

Beautiful... it looks like a place I'd like very much to be

Ai said...

This looks delightful. You are so lucky to get to paint plein aire in such a beautiful place and it comes out very nice too.

Joan said...

Lin - Thank you. Most of our beaches have the fencing, mostly I think to keep people off the dunes and stop the erosion. I think they add a nice color to the landscape.

Ron - Thanks. I wonder why some beaches need them and others never do.

Helen - Thanks. I'm a beach fanatic and I'm there all summer long. I even go in the winter. I love the peace and the vastness of the beach, water, and sky.

Ai - Thank you. I enjoy being there.