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Friday, May 30, 2008

Secluded Pond

This 7 x 10 painting was done at the same arboretum as the last painting. They have gorgeous rhododendrons in bloom there. They even snuck into the pond area making this spot look even nicer than usual.


Lin said...

Joan -- another EXQUISITE wc!! I really really hope that one day we can meet up and paint together!!

BTW, if you want some pix of the poppies let me know!


Ron Morrison said...

Hi Joan, looking good...I think this summer I might do some plein air. I'm used to pulling things out of thin air.

Joan said...

Lin - Thank you. It would be fun to paint together. Thanks for the offer of the poppy pictures.

Ron - Thanks. I would like to see what you would do in plein air. It would be hard not to have things coming in from the air.

Lin said...

Thanks for your kind comments, Joan -- I wasn't sure my email reach you about the greens?

Anita Davies said...

This is so pretty...Oh to sit a while and listen to the birds sing.

Ai said...

What a delightful scene well painted!!! Joan, me too wish to paint with you one day. Ai

Joan said...

Anita - Sit down for a few minutes and enjoy. Thanks.

Ai - It would be fun to paint together. Thank you.