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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Careful Stance

Here is another 4 x 6 of one of the beach princesses. The little kids are priceless at the beach!


Lin said...

OHHHH Joan!!! Wonderful sketches!!! I love you little girl -- such a wee one and such a big ocean!

And the chair and umbrella!!! I just LOVE the bright colors in this -- really a brilliant center of interest! And, hmm, the hunk of a lifeguard isn't bad either!! LOL

Storms here too -- glad to be home safely!

Robyn said...

I bet their mothers would love to have these sketches.

I've just passed on a blogging award to you, Joan.

Joan said...

Lin - Glad you made it safely through! These are such fun to do and now that I'm working on another exchange I can keep on going! (Like something would stop me.)

Robyn - Thanks so much for the award and your sweet comment!

Ai said...

Lovely sketches of the little princess. I hope she wasn't swept away by the giant waves. Welldone.