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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Quiet Cove

I just came back from vacationing in Maine. This 7 x 10 was done in a cove in Bristol, Maine. It is fun to do plein air painting up there since there are so many wonderful views.


Lin said...

WELCOME BACK!!! I've missed you!! What a lovely vacation!! I JUST LOVE your watercolor, Joan! FResh, relaxed, cool!!!! It's been in the high 90s here and seeing that cove and water just makes me yearn for vacation and cooler temps!! WONDERFULLY DONE!!!

Joan said...

Lin, You are always so sweet with your comments. Maine has such wonderful places to paint. I'm always out in the car driving somewhere.

Ai said...

Lovely vegetation and wonderful reflection. Absolutely gorgeous Joan.


Joan said...

Ai - Thanks. You would enjoy painting up there. It's such a great place.

Michelle Himes said...

Such a typical Maine scene - well done!

quirkyartist said...

This looks such a lovely peaceful place. It's a lovely painting.