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Friday, October 17, 2008

Dunes in Autumn

This was painted in plein air at the beach the other day and is 7 x 10. Robert Moses State Park has a wonderful boardwalk that meanders through the dunes to and past the lighthouse. I've painted the lighthouse several times, but wanted to focus on the vegetation on the dunes themselves this time. There are more flowering shrubs at this time of year in yellows and reds. It was a lovely spot.


Ron Morrison said...

Beautiful flavours and strokes, looks good!

Helen Percy Lystra said...

It's beautiful... certainly is different than it is here right now... we're all oranges and yellows

Ai said...

Lovely texture on the vegetation. Beautiful colors too.

Michelle Himes said...

I love the dune grasses!

Joan said...

Ron - Thanks. I love the changes in the looks of the dunes at this time of year.

Helen - Thank you. I was surprised by the amount of color variation here.

Ai - Thanks. I've enjoyed the beach grasses a lot lately.

Mickey - They are fun to paint. Thanks.

Lin said...

oh i really LOVE this! All that foliage and dune space -- you've really mastered this painting, JOan!!! LOVE IT!! And while I"m at it -- I really love the bright, autumn colors on the sunflower too!!!! But I LOVE this one especially!

Pine Cone said...

Hi Joan, I found your blog by following from Ai's blog! What a treat to see this gorgeous watercolor. I love the delicacy of the plant life, and the picturesque scene. Thank you for blogging your work - I look forward to coming back here often.

Pine Cone