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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sketchcrawl #20

My sister and I did the Worldwide Sketchcrawl on Saturday, which was a rainy day in our area. We started at the Wildlife Center in Wycoff, NJ and sat in the gazebo by the pond. It was just barely drizzling, so we were able to stay dry there.

Next we went to the Hermitage, a historic building in Hohokus, NJ. The building has ivy creeping up the wonderful brickwork. At this point it was raining so we had to find a place with a good view where we could park the car. That took a bit of maneuvering, but we did get a nice view of the side of the building.

Our last stop was Roessler's Nursery in Allendale. I parked facing the pumpkin displays so we could paint from the car. By now it was pouring and the visibility out the front window was limited at times. I had to keep turning on the windshield wipers so we could see more than just a blur. I think I got a good result. The day was a lot of fun, especially sharing the time with my sister, Mickey.


Lin said...

Oh Joan!!! What fun!!! I hope you kept warm thru it all! I love your pumpkins and the architectual treatments -- the heremitage is really beautifully done! I could see the pumpkins and scene on a halloween card -- LOVE THESE Joan!

Jo Castillo said...

What great sketches from a gloomy day. We would never know. Fun to be with your sister, too!

Joan said...

Thanks, Lin! We were lucky that it was pretty warm...but we were in the car most of the time. I know that if we were really cold we would have had to find an indoor spot.

Jo - It was fun to do these, and the company was fun too. Thanks.