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Monday, February 9, 2009

Bowl of Cherries

This painting is about 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 and was done for the Weekend Drawing Event on Wet Canvas. I can't claim credit for the photo which was supplied by Ruth (madmum) from Wet Canvas. I did this one directly on a blank Strathmore Greeting Card. so at some point I will send it to someone.


mARTa said...

mmmummm, my mouth is watering! What luscious hues you have here!

Michelle Himes said...

Super reds! What pigments did you use?

Lin said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! AND YUMMY!!!! I want to dip right into them!! GREAT JOB, Joan!

Ai said...

These are so yummy, Joan. The card will be a great gift to the receiver.

Joan said...

mARTa - Thank you! I love paintings of cherries and couldn't resist this one.

Mickey - Thanks. I'll have to check what I was using and I'll let you know.

Lin - This was a little "taste" of something different. Thank you.

Ai - It was a fun painting to do.It's a good thing it was done from a photo, cause the cherries wouldn't have lasted long. Thanks so much.

Jo Castillo said...

Double yum. Great reds and composition.