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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Squero San Trovaso & Gondolas Waiting

Did you ever realize that gondolas have to be constantly serviced...as often as once a month? The first painting is of Squero San Trovaso which is a boatyard that caters to repairing and maintaining gondolas. It is right on the canal and the gondolas are pulled right into the boatyard. It looked os strange, and I thought it looked like it was a set for a movie. The day I painted it was very cloudy and I knew rain was on the way, so I sat in the doorway of a business that was closed for vacation. All was good for a while, but then it started drizzling, and finally pouring. When it started to pour I was afraid that the rain would bounce up to my painting which was in my lap. So I stood up and scrunched back into a corner to continue. Finally it was raining so hard that I couldn't see across the canal, so I packed up, put up my umbrella, and raced to the nearest covered portico. It continued raining hard so I just opened my painting stool, and sat down and finished the painting. I was determined to paint no matter what.
The second painting was done near the Realto bridge. I think it is one of my favorite paintings that I did in Venice. What do you think?


Michelle Himes said...

That gondola service area looks really cool! And the second one is terrific, but I have a couple of other favorites - a few of the outdoor cafes, and that terrace with the pink umbrella, and others. These are all just great, Joan.

Robyn said...

That's definitely a favourite of mine, Joan. It has a gorgeous quality.

The sun shined on us in Venice this weekend fortunately as we only had two nights.

And we saw two musicians in San Marco who looked very familiar!

I will get your print off to you asap.

Joan said...

Mickey - Thanks!!! I have a few favorites out of the many I did.

Robyn - Thanks. Glad you had a good time in Venice and enjoyed the music in St. Mark's Square too!

Kat Farmer said...

Joan, I knew I'd missed lots of your venice paintings, these are gorgeous, love the boat yard and the story. I shall try and catch up with all I've missed. Wonderful that you keep painting come hell or high water it seems, bravo...

Beth Parker said...

The paintings are wonderful, Joan! I love the story!