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Friday, September 24, 2010

Venetian Buildings

The first painting is titled "Along the San Trovaso." This is one of the few grassy areas in the center of Venice. The second painting is "Pellestrina View." Pellestrina is an area outside of the center of Venice. I had to take a vaporetto to Lido, a bus to the end of Lido, and then a ferry across to Pellestrina. It had lovely clear water at the beach but I didn't find much open. Apparently the center of the town was a stop or two before I got off. This was the view from where I was sitting on the beach.


Lin said...

I cannot believe how many paintings you did while in Italy!! I AM awed, Joan -- I was so open-mouthed staring that I could hardly paint and here you are producing not only incredible paintings, but a book's worth! WOW!

Ron Morrison said...

I caught up on your blog, read everything...enjoyed it!

Joan said...

Lin - Thanks. I did an ambitious 80 little paintings.

Ron - Thanks so much.