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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Expresso & Canal Reflections

These are the last of my paintings from Venice. The top one, "Expresso" is another painting I did one evening in our apartment. Some nights I was too tired to go out and walk around, so I set up a still life. These items are so typical Italy. I don't drink expresso, but I do love the pots and that colorful expresso can couldn't be resisted. I'm still trying to decide if I should do a background or a cloth underneath the objects. My husband keeps telling me to leave it as is...I'm not so sure.
The bottom one is the only larger painting from outdoors that I did while I was away...and it is only 6 x 8.
So for now I have to say, "Ciao Venezia!"


Lin said...

LOVE the expresso -- and yes, in Italy it will curl your hair (just THINK of the $ I'd save! LOL) LOVE the glisten on the pot! And the canal -- what more can I say -- I LOVE IT!!!

As for the still life -- why not just add a vague horizon/table line or shadow indicating it's on something?

Joan said...

Lin - Thanks. And thanks for the suggestion.

Beth Parker said...

Oh that bottom one is YUMmy!!! I love the colors!!