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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Morning & Afternoon Canal Paintings

The first 4 x 6 painting. "Morning Light on the Canal" was done early in the morning. I liked the color of that door and the soft shadows of the morning sun.
The second painting, "View to the Empty Fish Market" was done in the afternoon, after the Realto Fish Market closed for the day. The fish mongers were gone, but the atmosphere was still there.


Lin said...

SO very gorgeous, Joan!! This door seems so familiar as though I've seen it too!!! I LOVE your approach - painterly, a bit soft, and so inviting .. wish I could be there!

Jo Castillo said...

I love Morning Light on the Canal. I really like old bricks,blocks and un plastered walls. Cool.

Joan said...

Lin & Jo - Thanks so much. I really like the way this one came out.

Ai said...

I love them both. The brick work in the top one is exceptional and the atmosphere in the fish market is also well done.