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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stained-Paper Rhythm Design

This was one of my favorite stained-paper abstract collages that I did at the workshop. I like the rhythmic movement of the colors. This is 11 inches x 11 inches.


MrsSnowy said...

These are lovely, Joan. What do you use to stain the paper - is it ink or watercolour? Fascinating. I'd like to try this - I think it will have to queue up after lino cut prints and oil painting though LOL. It would be a beautiful way to make cards for special occasions.

Joan said...

Robyn, We tore collage paper (mostly washi) into pieces. Then we stained the washi or collage paper with watercolors that we just painted on. Then just let the pieces dry thoroughly. Most nights we were staying up until 10pm to stain paper for the next day. I like your idea of using it to make cards.

Michelle Himes said...

This is my favorite of your abstracts too - I really like the rhythm that you got going in all the curvy green pieces.