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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tropical Retreat

This 7 x 10 watercolor was done for the Weekend Drawing Event for WetCanvas last weekend. The reference picture was from Trinidad or Tobago. I'm a palm tree lover so I couldn't resist this one.


"JeanneG" said...

I loved this when I saw it on the WDE. I really do like your style and use of colors. I so would love to be able to do watercolors. One of the ladies in the plein air group I will be joining on Wednesday was a watercolor artist. She had an injury to her shoulder and can't use her hand. She is now doing pastels with her other hand. I heard she is doing great with those. Can't wait to see them.

You should jump in and do the scavenger hunts. No better way to keep up the drawing skills. And a list helps in having a subject at hand. We have a new list every 9 days, but there is no problem joining them late. Some only get one or two items done. We just enjoy the company.

Thanks for looking at my art blog. Jeanne "J"

Joan said...

I'll have to look for the scavenger hunts. I get stuck in the galleries and then there isn't time to check everything else. Thanks for visiting.

Lori Andrews said...

Joan, Wonderful use of some negative painting here in your fronds, I love your style. Keep Up the great work, I'll be back to check for new stuff. Glad to be blogger friends. :) Lori

Joan said...

Lori, Thanks for visiting again. It's fun to go back and forth to see what friends are doing.