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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Flamingo Walk

This 7 x 7 watercolor was done for the WDE on WetCanvas a few weeks ago. It was my first bird painting. Painting feathers was a new challenge. I'm happy with it.


Holly Lombardo said...

Joan...this is AMAZING! I can't believe the level of detail...DEFINITELY One of your best..hey, I've said that a FEW times now!

Joan said...

Holly, Thanks so much. I was very happy with the way this came out. It's not my typical landscape.

Holly Lombardo said...

Hi Joan..here's how to get the photo reel in your blog; go to photobucket: it's free, and you can create the reel here and paste the code into a window in the blogger, new element.... http://photobucket.com/ Let me know if you get stuck, and I can probably get you better directions! goodluck, it'll look GREAT!! Holly

Wendy said...

He is fantastic. Very imposing. Or is it she?

Patrick Ley-Greaves said...

I like this very much the plumage looks soft to the touch and i love the subtle varation of colour on the bird. nice work