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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Regal Rooster

This 11 x 14 painting was done for a challenge on WetCanvas. I used only 3 colors from the DaVinci "Toucan Triad." I am amazed at the variety of colors you can get by blending just 3 colors!


Michelle Himes said...

Your rooster is super! I love that blue tail.

Joan said...

It was fun to paint this. Using just 3 colors is an interesting way to approach something.

Wendy said...

The colours in the rooster are very rich. I have also had success using triads. It's a good challenge. Whatever the colours in this triad are, they have worked really well.

Jo Castillo said...

What a great bird! The colors are very nice... Glad you had fun, as well.

Joan said...

Wendy - Thanks. I have another one that I did with this triad that I'll post too.

Jo - Thank you. It's really interesting to see what you can get with only 3 colors. And looking at the colors, you'd never think it would work.

Ai said...

Hi Joan, I love your rooster. Wow only 3 colors. You make it look easy. I think it has the master feel to it. Ai