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Friday, March 28, 2008

Tuscan Street View - ATC

Thiis 2.5 x 3.5 ATC was also done for the WetCanvas project. I used 2 photos I took in Tuscany to combine buildings for the right and left side of the painting. Many towns in Tuscany look almost deserted like this from about 1 to 4 when everything except a few restaurants close down.


Lin said...

TERRIFIC!!! I love the warmth of this -- so inviting!!! Especially the flowers on the buildings!

Joan said...

Lin - Thanks. I love the rough light brick buildings with the flowers against them. It's so typically Tuscan small town.

Robyn said...

That's a clever idea, Joan to combine two different sides of a street (makes mental note). Very pretty indeed.

Ha, ha - you could shoot a gun down our street, in those hours from 1pm to 4pm, and not hit a living creature, not even a dog or a pigeon!

Roshanda said...

Beautiful! I agree, very warm and inviting (as I look at all the snow out my window).

Wendy said...

This reminds me that when I lived in Italy I resisted the siesta for a long time. Then one day I had a tummy bug, so I had a siesta, and my resistance was permanently at an end. The deserted street is really evocative of some of those villages ( though Rome was never deserted).

Joan said...

Robyn - Thanks. I always felt like I was in a ghosttown walking around the towns between 1 and 4. It is an odd feeling.

Roshanda - Thanks for your comment. The Tuscan towns always felt warm and inviting...just empty.

Wendy - I never got into the siesta time while I was there. I just kept on painting. You're right about Rome. I don't think the big cities did siesta time much. Rome, Florence, and Venice were never deserted.

Susan's Scribbles said...

I enjoyed this sketch very much! makes me want to fly off to Italy right this moment!