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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Workshop Paintings - Day 3

Day 3 of our class with Jerry Brommer focused on the mood of the painting. We selected our reference, did 4 sketches, and then did paintings from 2 of the sketches. We came up with 3 visual adjectives to describe each painting we were working on. When each painting was finished we wrote the adjectives on the back. Later as the class walked around to view the paintings, they would check to see if the painting captured those words. For the first painting (Approaching Storm), my adjectives were ominous, cloudy, and grey. For the second painting (Marsh Sunrise) my adjectives were serene, clear, and open. This painting assignment definitely showed us the different emotional impact paintings have and the mood each gives.


Lin said...

OH JOAN! These just get better and better!! They are SUPERB!! Moody for that dark storm acomin' and hopeful for the sunrise --- I LOVE THEM!!!!! What a great workshop and phenomenal job you're doing!!!!

How large are they?

Joan said...

Lin, Thanks so much. All of them are 11 x 14. I really enjoyed this exercise where we got to concentrate on a different mood for each painting.

Ron Morrison said...

Hi Joan, fun to see what happens at a workshop.

Joan said...

Ron, I feel the same way!

Wendy said...

These are fabulous Joan. Particularly the stormy sky. That is just masterful use of watercolours. I have done a similar exercise of having to do the same scene as positive and negative. They are among the paintings on my website www.wendyshortland.com
Mine are of a doorway at Luna Park & the negative one is very red as it refers to a distastrous fire there.

Michelle Himes said...

I just noticed that you put up the day 3 ones. I love that stormy sky!

Joan said...

Wendy - Thank you. I was happy with the way the stormy sky finally came out. It took several washes to get it dark enough.

Mickey - Thanks. It looks like we should run for cover.