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Monday, March 10, 2008

Workshop Paintings - Day 1

I just finished taking a watercolor workshop with Gerald Brommer on content and emotion. The first day of the class he had us do 5 minute sketches of 12 landscape slides. We picked on of our sketches and did 2 paintings of the exact same scene. One painting was done as a high key (light valued) painting and one was done as a low key (dark valued painting). I definitely showed how the values change the emotion of a painting.


Robyn said...

Of course I love the dark one! I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing a lot more from this workshop.

Jo Castillo said...

I, too, like the dark one. Very nice. Interesting to see the two together. Thanks.

Lin said...


Ai said...

That sounds like a fun workshop. I like the dark one. Such a good art exercise.

Joan said...

Robyn - Thanks. We did 2 paintings every day except Friday, and each day the paintings were related. I'll be posting more of them.

Jo - The dark one was my favorite of this pair too. Thanks.

Lin - Thanks so much. I really enjoyed this workshop and I love the instructor Gerald Brommer. I took two wc/collage classes with him before this.

Ai - Workshops are such great learning experiences. We learned from the instructor and each other. Thank you.

Wendy said...

I like them both, but I feel as if the light one needs some dark somewhere. I have the feeling that most paintings need the full range of tonal values, even if it's only the tiniest bit of each value. That's probably a mixture of what I've been taught & also personal preference. Sounds to be a very interesting workshop.

Joan said...

Wendy, You are so right! When we viewed the pair done by each person in the class it was clear that the paintings needed some of each value. It was hard not to reach for darks to put into the high key one.