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Thursday, August 6, 2009

At the End of the Dock

This was done the same morning as "Across the Marsh" below. I decided to try one more since it hadn't started raining (but was windy and humid). This is 8 x 10 done in watercolors alone. I had just enough time to finish this, walk back to my car and throw everything in the trunk, hit the ladies' room, and get into my car before the predicted rain started. I timed it perfectly!


Lin said...

What another beauty, Joan! I LOVE seeing your beach images ... they are so restive and make me dream!

Joan said...

Thanks so much, Lin! I'm glad you enjoy them.

Ai said...

Great job, Joan. The path looks inviting for me to do a beach stroll.

Robyn said...

Beautiful natural use of greens, Joan. I love the stone and water in your latest painting too.