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Friday, March 4, 2011

Along the River

This was painted along the Carmen River in Brookhaven. There is a nature trail there which I have never taken. The building reminded me of a Maine cottage. This is 3 x 5.


Teressa Thompson said...

This is so inviting. I want to go spend an afternoon there. Joan you are so good! I don't see anything on your blog that tells me where your art is shown and available for purchase. I also don't have your email... but wanted to talk to ask you if you wanted help putting something like that on your blog.

shadohart (at) gmail (dot) com

Lin said...

Another beauty, Joan!! It could be North Carolina -- are you sure you're not here close by and we can have coffee???

AutumnLeaves said...

Wow, Joan! I so love this one...this has my perfect home, my perfect location, my all important trees...Sigh...

Joan said...

Tee - Thanks so much.

Lin - Thanks. Wish we were closer.

Sherry - It's only perfect if the river doesn't flood. Thanks.