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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pouring Workshop - Painting 2 - Provence Building

A lot of planning went into the poured representational paintings we did. First we did a sketch, and then a value study. This was the map to our pour so we would know which areas needed to be masked out first, second, etc. It makes it possible to see the lights, mid-tones, and darks. Of course transferring the image to the watercolor sheet took a while. I do hate graphite paper! lol Once the image was visible (I always had to go over my lines from the graphite paper) and the first masking dried we could pour. At times it seems that you have more paint on your hands instead of the paper. I used a reference photo I took in Provence for this painting. This one is a half sheet size.

Please check the post below for the abstract I did in Jean's class.


http://carolking.wordpress.com said...

Wow, very cool Joan. I've always liked "poured" paintings. And this is no exception. Thanks for talking about how you did it.

Will there be more?

Lin said...

Absolutely beautiful! I LOVE the effect of poured paint -- but mine always turned to mud! GRAND job -- and it sounds like you had a fantastic time!

Joan said...

Carol - Thanks. It is such a fun technique. I really like it.

Lin - Thanks a lot. We did have fun. It helped a lot to have someone carefully explain and demo the steps.

Michelle Himes said...

You got a beautiful effect on this one. I think you chose a great subject for pouring. It was fun to watch you pour.