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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Autumn II & Autumn III

These are ATCs done for the "Anything Goes" exchange on WetCanvas. I collected a variety of gourds, pinecones, etc to use as subjects in these tiny works that have been sent to people participating in the exchange.


Lin said...

ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!! I love how you do pinecones!!! They're so darn tricky!! And mercy, that's still a lot of snow and ice!! Stay warm and safe == it's in the 60s here, overcast with more rain .... we're beginning to grow moldy green! LOL

Joan said...

Lin - Thanks so much!! Sometimes the pinecones work better than others. I was happy with these.

Ron Morrison said...

These are almost abstract in their compositions and are fun to look at. (my standard-must be fun to look at)

Desiree said...

Oh Joan I just love your work!