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Friday, December 12, 2008

Key West Residents

I found a tropical garden in Key West that is home to some very colorful birds that were rescued from assorted places. They were fun to sketch and paint, even though they moved around so much and weren't very cooperative. I was amazed by the amount of talking they did. Unfortunately the garden is in danger of having to close and I don't know were these colorful residents will end up if it does.


Lin said...

Joan, I am absolutely amazed at all you were able to paint during your holiday! These colorful birds are wonderfully done!! How on earth did you capture them so fast??!!!

Helen Percy Lystra said...

All of your Key West sketches are wonderful. We were there a few years back and your sketches are a trip down memory lane

Joan said...

Lin - Thanks. I stood in front of their cages balancing my pad and my paints in my hands while I did this one. I'm so thankful someone invented waterbrushes. Each individual bird painting is small and each probably took me about 30 minutes.

Helen - I'm glad you like them and that they bring back good memories. This was our 3rd visit to the Keys and I would definitely go again.

quirkyartist said...

Aren't the birds just wonderful!