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Monday, December 22, 2008

Carolina Lowlands

This was the final painting I did on my recent trip. We spent the last few days over Thanksgiving with my brother & his family in Myrtle Beach. The last day we drove about a half hour north to meet a relative for lunch. I believe we were just over the North Carolina border when we found a park where you could walk out a bit over the marshes. We had a little time to spare so I pulled out my supplies. I did this standing up, balancing my paints and small 4 x 6 pad of paper. All was fine until the rain started and I had to get out of the rain. I finished it under the shelter of a gazebo.


Ron Morrison said...

A pleasure to travel with you through your documentary works.

Lin said...

aBSOLUTELY AMAZING, JOAN!! I really cannot believe all you've painted on your trip -- each more beautiful than the other. Stay warm, hon... and may you and yours have a most glorious Christmas!

Joan said...

Ron - Glad to be your tour guide!

Lin - Thanks so much! I love to capture my surroundings on trips!