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Friday, March 20, 2009

Carolina Pier

This was a postcard sized (4 x6) ink and watercolor that I painted from my hotel room at the SpringMaid Resort where the watercolor workshop was held. Why did I paint this beautiful scene from the room? It was raining outside and I decided I needed to get my fingers moving before the workshops started.


Lin said...

GOOD for you for painting even in the rain!!! Some of the best views, I think, are from windows! LOL LOVE this, Joan -- the wonderful trees, perspective of the pier .. the touches of ink .. GRAND JOB!

Joan said...

Lin - Give me palm trees and water and I'm always ready to paint.lol Thanks!

Marmsk said...

I'd say you got your fingers working darned well!! So much in a small space.

Joan said...

Marmsk - Thank you!! I've learned to adapt to small spaces. lol