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Friday, March 13, 2009

Eric Wiegard Workshop - Day 3 - Venice Street Scene

Here is a continuation of Eric's workshop. He did a street scene with buildings and figures on damp paper the third day. He stressed that it is more important to get the values and shapes in a group of figures than including all the details. I used one of my photos from Italy to paint "Venice Street Scene." His comment to me was to paint the windows more like puzzle pieces than as even rectangles. I tried to vary some of the windows on the right by softening the edges, and tried to vary them more in the building on the left. I was really happy with the color blending on the buildings on the right. His mixing process really lets the different colors show through.


Lin said...

Joan! I love the color blending too -- thank you for sharing how to do that -- and the windows!!! YES!!! Buildings to me are so challenging because of their repetitive shapes - windows and all -- I think you've done an outstanding job breaking through any stiffness of the buildings and the people as well ... BRAVA, Joan --!!!

Joan said...

Thanks so much, Lin! I had a difficult time with the windows in this, but I was happy with the color I got on the building.