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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eric Wiegardt Workshop - Day 1 - "Carolina Barn"

Last week my sister and I took a workshop wiht Eric Wiegardt. We worked loosely and boldly (I hope!) with large brushes on full sheet (22 x 30 inches) paper which was a new experience for me. The class was great and I hope I learned some things that I can incorporate into my own work.

The first day Eric started with a pencil value sketch of a landscape using only 3 values. He followed that with a single color painting and then a full color painting. He stressed value shifts and when painting to have the lighter washes run through or into the darker values. He also told us to focus on saving our lights. I painted "Carolina Barn" from photos I had taken recently while driving through North Carolina. (Many thanks to Lin Frey for steering me to some great barn roads!)


Anita Davies said...

Lovely sunkissed barn Joan

Lin said...

And what an AWESOME job you did on this Joan!! I LOVE the barn -- and that foreground is masterly!! WOW OH WOW -- whatever he taught -- you incorporated beautifully!!! Thank you too for sharing the tips you learned!! AWESOME!

Joan said...

Anita - Thanks so much. I like the way the paints mix with Eric's method.

Lin - Thanks. Just watching him sketch and paint was amazing. He finishes a full sheet painting in an hour. I always do better when I do a value study and we HAD to do them in the class.

Michelle Himes said...

I like the purple for the shadow side of the barn, and love the way your foreground came out.

Those value studies were a big help, weren't they. :-)

Ai said...

I love how you use colors to lead the eyes to the barn. Isn't it nice to paint large too?