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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Eric Wiegard Workshop - Day 5 - "Snowy Walk"

The focus for the final day of Eric Wiegard's workshop was to have an area of dominance in your painting. He wanted us to use less detail and value as we went away from the dominant area. He did a snow scene, and since I didn't have any snow photos with me, I borrowed one of his and one from my sister, Michelle, and combined parts of them. My final painting for the workshop was "Snowy Walk."

I know I learned a lot from Eric. I may not be brave enough to paint on full sheets (22 x 30in) again, but a lot of what he showed us could fit into any paintings. Thanks Eric, for a great workshop! Also, many thanks to the other students (including my sister) at Springmaid Beach where the workshop was held, for all your friendship and inspiration that week!


Anita Davies said...

Lovely painting! Thanmks for sharing your workshop with us Joan

Lin said...

I think this is glorious, Joan! The colors, the snow, the light in it -- beautifully composed and executed!!! Now to keep remembering everything from the workshop -- my constant challenge! GREAT JOB!!!! Keep up the fabulous work!

Joan said...

Anita - Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed seeing the work I did.

Lin - Thanks. I did another snow scene since I got home, smaller of course, just to see if I could put what Eric taught into practice. I'll post it soon.

mARTa said...

wow, what great lessons you got from this! your paintings really make a color and value statement. Good job and what fun!