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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Decorated Tree

This is a section of my Christmas tree that I did in watercolors and ink for my Scavenger hunt. I needed something gold (ornament), peace (the dove) and an ornament (my Maine lobster).


"Sue N" said...

Joan, I nearly choked on my cuppa when I saw you had a lobster on your Christmas tree! It made me think of "Love Actually" where the kids school pageant has the nativity scene with the typical shepherds and wise men plus octopi (pusses?) a whale and lobsters! So cute but very weird - three lobsters at the birth of Jesus LOL!

Great tree !

Joan said...

Sue - I'm glad you didn't choke. I have a few unusual ornaments given to me by people who know what I love. That one was from my niece and nephews who live in Maine and know how much I like lobster. I also have a beach chair ornament, and an ornament that is a sealed bag with sand, an umbrella, blanket, and pail.

Lin said...

WONDERFUL!! I love your ornaments!!!! We got about 2" of snow and I hear you're in for quite a storm -- stay safe and warm Joan .. I can't wait to see yoru snow paintings too!

Joan said...

Lin - Thanks. 8 - 12 inches are expected!

Michelle Himes said...

I love this one! Is that gold ornament one of Mom & Dad's? I love the lobster ornament too. I want one. :-)