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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On Line

My husband and I traveled up to Maine to see family for Christmas. The easiest way to go from here is to take the Cross Sound Ferry from Orient Point, NY to New London, CT and then drive the rest of the way. I like taking the ferry because there is always something to sketch or paint to pass the time. Here are some of the passengers waiting on the food line. This is 3.5 x 5 done in my moleskin journal.


wabbitt said...

Wow! Awesome figures and snow paintings. Happy new year if I don't get to see you on Wetcanvas soon.

Lin said...

I've taken that route to New England too -- love the ferry ....! Wonderful painting, Joan -- I so enjoy your work! AND A MOST JOYOUS AND PROSPEROUS AND CREATIVE NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO!! Thank you for sharing your incredible art with me -- and thank you for your friendship ... Happiest of New Years to you and to yours!

Ai said...

Joan, you are getting so good with a quick charming in a small Moleskin. Great job. Happy New Year 2010.

Joan said...

Julie - Thanks. I always love painting on the ferry.

Lin - Thanks so much!!!!

Ai - Thank you. Like you, I have to paint when I can.