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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kicked Off

This is 5 x 7 and was done for the latest Scavenger Hunt on WetCanvas. I decided to do an acatual painting of the shoes rather than just a sketch. Shoes are a challenge with all the shading on them.


raena said...

Great job!! I really like what you've done!

Lin said...

Hi Joan!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Don't you loved those guys when they bring us 'sketch' material!!! BEAUTIFUL bouquet -- luscious ice cream, and those shoes are outstanding!!! Shoes are indeed a challenge with all those wee tones and scratches and details ... you've done a marvelous job on all of these!! BRAVA!

Joan said...

Raena - Thank you and thanks for visiting.

Lin - Thanks so much! Now that I haven't been out to do plein airs, I find myself doing all kinds of subjects. Yes, I appeciated the "sketch" material from Jerry.