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Friday, December 18, 2009

It's a Wrap

I guess I'm continuing with the holiday theme here. This is a 4 x 6 watercolor done for my scavenger hunt. I needed to do "something used for wrapping." Rather than sketching just one item I did a small collection as a painting.


"Sue N" said...

Making me feel guilty there Joan - things aren't anywhere near ready in my house! LOL !

Lin said...

I think we're about done wrapping -- one or two more wee things .. than heavens, that's a job in itself! GREAT JOB on this Joan -- love the composition and bright colors!

Joan said...

Sue - I have lots yet to do...and instead I'm painting. lol Thanks.

Lin - Thanks so much. I have the supplies to wrap...now I need the time and the energy. That's my project for when I'm inside in the blizzard we're expecting.

Michelle Himes said...

This could serve as a Christmas card some day. :-)

I haven't started wrapping yet either.

Joan said...

Mickey - Thanks. I'll have to use this idea some year.

quirkyartist said...

That's a great painting Joan. Lots of drama. I love it.