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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Deep Snow

This is one of my favorites of the snow ATCs that I've done and has been received so I can post it here. I was taking photos of the kids sledding when I noticed these two kids trying to walk in the deep snow. They kept falling over and knocking each other down in the snow. I think they had the best time of all!!


Ai said...

The precious moment well captured. Fantastic work, Joan.

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Hi Joan,

Just found you on Maggie Lathamns blog. Your work is excellent. I'm just wondering if we belong to the same art organizations. I also live on Long Island. I love your snow mini's of the children. Well done.

Joan said...

Ai - Thanks!! I'm glad I got so many fun snow paintings done.

Joan - Thanks so much and thanks for visiting. I'll have to come over and visit your blog. We may have some things in common.

Lin said...

HOW ADORABLE!!! How is it kids can play in such cold weather and not feel it?!! GREAT capture of a very tender moment!

Joan said...

Lin - Thank you! I've been having fun with all the snow photos and paintings.

Susan Abston Wiley said...

Hi, Joan, just now checking up on you after a couple of busy months. I love your beautiful snow scenes, they make me feel quite nostalgic for the Long Island winters I knew as a kid! This painting especially pulled some memories of my son as a child playing in the snow with friends when we lived in Ohio. No snow here in Austin, TX, for Christmas, though it gets quite cold.