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Friday, January 29, 2010

Restaurant U Castille

This is the second painting I did this month for the Virtual Paintout in Corsica. (http://virtualpaintout.blogspot.com) It is 7 x 10 done with transparent watercolors.


AutumnLeaves said...

Oh to be enjoying tea at this little gem of a place on the patio...those climbing flowering vines are gorgeous too!

Lin said...

I LOVE these types of cafes, Joan -- and your painting has truly accentuated the charm and beauty of them!! Gorgeous! We have 6" of snow and sleet falling .. no cafe today!

Carol said...

I like both of your views of Corsica, but this one was painted with such glowing energy--it's my favorite.

Joan Sicignano Artist said...

Hi Joan, it's lovely. I joined WC and there is so much to see, and digest. You did a wonderful job on this painting. Well done.

artybecca said...

I found this little cafe too and almost did it for my Corsica picture. Such an unusual location for a building!

Murilo S Romeiro said...

Great painting,
I found this restaurant too, like "artybecca" and like her I loved and almost painted it.
Congratulations for your work.

Joan said...

Sherry - Tahnks. Cafe & crossants!!!

Lin - Thanks. I hope the snow and sleet at least looks good!

Joan - Thanks. I've been a WC member for a few years and still there are parts of WC that I haven't seen. lol

Artybecca - Thanks for coming from the VPO to view my blog and comment. Funny how you almost did the same scene.

Murilo - Thank you. I will have to go see what you posted instead of this view.

quirkyartist said...

Hi Joan,
You wouldn't believe it. I printed out three photos to paint and chose one. This was one that I didn't choose - too difficult. You've done a great job. I'm sure it must have been a challenge.