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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Out and About in Venezia

I have only a few more days here in Venezia. Here are a few more of the local area.


Lin said...

yOUR incredible captures Joan make me so 'homesick' for Italy ..LOVE these canal images -- so typical of Venice captured in beautiful watercolors!! BRAVA!

AutumnLeaves said...

Wow, Joan. These are both really pretty pieces. I find myself wondering at the materials used that allow these structures to not crumble away despite being built in water. And the exposed brick beneath the outer skin of the building is just perfect! Awesome work and I'll miss Venice when you depart!

Shirley said...

As WONDERFUL as always. What are the size of your paintings, i.e. are they on standard sizes of watercolor paper or in a watercolor sketchbook?

Ai said...

Wow and wonderful for all. I esp. fall in love with the bottom one. The ink details just enhance your watercolor perfectly. What a wonderful trip you have !!!

Carol said...

Just beautiful Joan, You are doing great work in Venice.


Michelle Himes said...

I missed a bunch of these Super paintings!