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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Venice Scenes

The top and bottom paintings are of areas in Venice proper. The second one is of colorful Burano. Days are passing quickly and my brush is still wet. lol Ciao!


jamila aladdin said...

Hi Joan ... Venice seems to agree with you ... I just love your Venice paintings ... I love the strong vivid colours in these last ones ... wonderful work

Shirley said...

I am really enjoying another visit to Venice through your paintings. I wasn't drawing/painting during our two long visits there. Maybe it is time to get out my photos! But not as much fun!

AutumnLeaves said...

Wow, Joan. So beautiful, truly.

Lin said...

You have done such wonderful images of Venice and surrounds,Joan -- what marvelous memories and paintings! I know you must feel so reluctant to leave!

Ai said...

Joan, I love them all, esp. the bottom one with people on the bridge. How did you do it? Standing away and paint or do you find a spot to sit and paint? I hope to get to sketch with you side by side one day.