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Friday, February 18, 2011

Foster Avenue Blues

This is 3 x 5 and painted in Sayville yesterday. Our snow is finally melting...except where the big piles are. lol The temp should reach the high 50s today! Yeah!!!


Lin said...

WONDERFUL BUILDING, jOAN ---- i HAVEN'T BEEN TO SAYVILLE IN YEARS!!! We were in the mid 70s today -- TOO HOT -- and we are so dry -- we're on a wildfire watch ... geez!

AutumnLeaves said...

What a cute house! I would love to see the inside!

Ai said...

This is so gorgeous Joan. I love the house in blue. You make it looks so cozy and welcome.

Joan said...

Lin - Thanks. After all that rain you're on wildfire watch?

Sherry - Thanks. Me too.

Ai - Thank you.

Teressa Thompson said...

Yay! The snow is melting! You get to dip into your spring palette! And dip you did! Beautifully done.